About Us

We are an exciting and dynamic 5-piece covers band based in Kent, each member bringing their own unique style to create a powerful and dynamic sound.

We are available for parties, corporate entertainment, weddings, beer festivals and any other celebration you can think of!

We have our own PA and Lighting Rig, all our equipment is electrically safety tested and we carry £10 million public liability insurance..

Matt - Vocals

Matt is one of the founding members of the group and is the lead vocalist. You'll occasionally find him strumming along on a guitar too. He has played with several bands over the last 20 years or so, including Jayded, Nebraska, Creed and Doozer.

James - Bass

A self taught bass player that has been performing with Matt for over 20 years and is the 2nd founding member of the group. He also sings backing vocals and just loves getting out and gigging!

Jack - Guitar

The youngest member of the group, more pedals than he knows what to do with and yet still he keeps buying more...

Dave - Piano/Synth

The last founding member of the group, Dave has 2 keyboards stacked on top of each other, he says it's to make things sound better but we think it's just so he has something to hide behind on stage.

Andy - Drums

The backbone of the band, can play any time signature that we throw at him (with the exception of 4/4... but we're working on it!)